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  • Vague

    by Amr Elmasry in United Arab Emirates

    A Journey of an obsessed doll maker trying to find the secret behind a girl that looks exactly like one of this dolls.

    9 Supporters $435 Pledged of $5,000 goal 22 Day(s) to go
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  • Screen 13

    by Screen 13 in United Arab Emirates

    A cinema janitor gets trapped inside a theater, forcing him to re-live his childhood trauma. While bound by supernatural forces, he struggles to retain his sanity.

    18 Supporters $5,595 Pledged of $5,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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  • Shoelace

    by Adnan Sharawi, Mariem Kest, Adonis Bdaywi & Sara Jabari in United Arab Emirates

    The story of Farid as he fails to catch the affection of his loved ones, even during his darkest hour.

    31 Supporters $3,150 Pledged of $3,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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  • A New Paige

    by Alia Hammouri, Lamis Ezzeddine, Dareen Iskandar, Lana Almashny in United Arab Emirates

    Paige is a teenage girl who is dying to have a "perfect family". To do that, she must first get rid of her original one

    3 Supporters $45 Pledged of $5,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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  • Mahal Bou Tayr

    by Sager, Dina, Alaa, Zaina in United Arab Emirates

    Everything is not what it seems. is the pearl the answer to Khaled's dreams or will it lead to something more important?!

    1 Supporter $1,000 Pledged of $1,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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