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  • Tripoli Film Festival - Lebanon 2016

    by Elias Khlat in Lebanon

    The Tripoli Film festival is a cinematic event conceived to ameliorate the image of the city by enriching our local cultural environment, by promoting the rich cultural heritage of Tripoli and by bran

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  • Calling Bluff

    by Alia Hammuri, Mahek Punjabi, Ehab Ismail, Dareen Iskandar, Rawda Buhannad, Mariam Kest in United Arab Emirates

    The pursuit of Sophie, a high school student whose mom had fallen into a coma after a hit and run, in finding out who did it, after realizing it was one of her closest friends.....

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  • Open Bethlehem

    by Leila Sansour / Open Bethlehem in Palestinian Territory

    No city can compare to Bethlehem when it comes to punching above one’s weight. If we allow Bethlehem to tell its story, its voice will carry the message of the whole of Palestine

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  • Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio

    by ابراهيم صالح in Palestinian Territory

    Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio that was created in 2013 by Islam Al Burbar, the first online community radio for woman in Gaza. It was completely shattered during the last war on Gaza.

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  • Support Emirati Weightlifter al Haddad to Rio 2016 Olympics

    by Amna Al Haddad in United Arab Emirates

    To represent UAE in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics in Weightlifting.

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