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  • The Choice

    by Pure Heart 4 Cancer in United Arab Emirates

    In the past 5 years, pure heart 4 Cancer program worked with many cancer survivors to help them gain employment and rebuild their livelihood. We have seen many cancer survivors struggle to get their

    6 Supporters $5,760 Pledged of $40,000 goal 24 Day(s) to go
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  • Open Bethlehem - North America Release

    by Open Bethlehem / Leila Sansour in Palestinian Territory

    No city can compare to Bethlehem when it comes to punching above one’s weight. If we allow Bethlehem to tell its story, its voice will carry the message of the whole of Palestine.

    24 Supporters $6,010 Pledged of $100,000 goal 21 Day(s) to go
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  • A Grain Of Sand

    by Jason Carter in Bahrain

    A quest to find the remaining Pearl Divers and document their songs and stories before it's too late

    68 Supporters $5,685 Pledged of $18,700 goal 12 Day(s) to go
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  • Resilience

    by Farah El Sayegh in United Arab Emirates

    This documentary takes you out of the box and shows you a 4th dimension in truly comprehending the meaning of Resilience. Yasmine eradicates all stereotypes and breaks through in this emotional journe

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  • For A Childs Smile

    by Lamis Ezzeddine in United Arab Emirates

    Raising awareness for a cause that not many people are aware of, that cause being education through music for the mentally and physically disabled via technology

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