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  • Saken

    by Sandra Madi in Palestinian Territory

    Saken is a film about friendship and sacrifice, how some people’s destinies are linked and are hard to be broken.

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  • Slow Death

    by Mohammed abed el aziz abu Hamam in Palestinian Territory

    Focus the light on the magnitude of the suffering of nearly 1.8 million Palestinians living in the Gaza strip

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  • Luke's Escape (Open Movie Dubai)

    by Waqas Abdul Majeed in United Arab Emirates

    Luke's Escape is the First Open Movie Project in Dubai which means everything we are creating Characters, Environments, Props, Scenes etc will be released to the public under (Creative Commons License

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  • 45 Minutes

    by Sahar Musaed, Amanda El Romeh, Lamis Joudah, Amr Abdulhameed American University in Dubai in United Arab Emirates

    How far would you go in order to achieve happiness and what would be the price for that?

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  • Bratva (Working Title)

    by Mash, Romy, Mahmoud, Sherouk, Mayal Project in United Arab Emirates

    A natural criminal seeks a stable and secure lifestyle; however, betrayal leads him to choose the life of crime.

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