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Funding great ideas through the power of crowds

Coming soon: Additional payment options

We're working hard to ensure you can support the ideas you like, or even start your own crowd funding campaign, with the least amount of hassle.

Want to support a great idea? Let's get you started!

First, you'll need your very own account. We've tried to make the registration simple and easy.

Then, select the great idea you want to support from our list of projects.

Choose a donation amount - the more the merrier, but every little helps.

Choose how you wish to pay from the menu of options (Please note that you can pay through PayPal with Credit Cards as a guest)

If you decide to use your Paypal account, you'll have to enter your account details and pledge.

Once the payment is processed (certain payment options may take a couple of days), this will automatically be credited to the idea and reflected on the site.

If you want to support more than one idea then add money to your pot first. Note that making a payment to your pot does NOT automatically fund a project. So,

            Step 1: Fill your pot

            Step 2: Click to pledge funds to the projects you wish to support.

You're done!

Then, you tell everyone about what you've done (and hopefully about us, and all the inspiring projects deserving support on Aflamnah).



Want to get funding for your project? Here’s how.

First, you need to create your own personal account with Aflamnah.

Choose “Share Your Idea” and tell us about yourself and your idea by filling in the required fields.

There’s a non-refundable upload fee of $100, which can be paid after you complete your information.

The upload fee may be paid through any of the options in the payment menu, but please note that not all methods are instant, and some might take up to forty-eight hours to process.

Once you’ve finished up and your payment has been submitted, Aflamnah will review your application just to ensure all is in order. We may request additional information via email.

Once all is done, we’ll send you the link to your “Go Live” button. Then, it’s your call when you want to hit the trigger and launch your campaign!

Once your campaign goes live, it’s a great idea to spread the word – through social media, email, and good old-fashioned word of mouth. Help us get your project noticed so you can get funded!

We ask you to set a funding target, and work with you to help you meet it. But even if you fall short, don’t fret!  You’ll still get to keep your contributions.

Once your campaign time has elapsed, we’ll transfer the funds raised over to you.* Please note that it might take us up to four weeks to transfer the funds.

We guarantee that a minimum of 90 percent of what you’ve raised will leave our account to go to you but please note some methods will incur additional receiving charges that are totally out of our control.


*Please note that there are charges associated with transfers. The Aflamnah fee is 6%. Bank charges are up to an additional 4%.

Rest assured that we have negotiated very hard with all our payment partners to ensure you get to keep the maximum possible from what you’ve raised.

Please consider carefully the method you choose to receive your money because some options may incur extra charges. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the best transfer options for you.

Good Luck! Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiring us!

 PayPal troubleshooting guide:


If you’re encountering trouble with PayPal, here are some things to keep in mind (courtesy the folks at PayPal):

Your PayPal account may need to be verified before you can make a payment to Aflamnah.

Your PayPal account may need to be confirmed with your credit or debit card, or bank account, depending on the country you reside in.

You may have exceeded your limit either on your card or your PayPal account.

Your bank may have refused the payment request.

For security reasons, there is a time limit in which you need to complete the transaction on Paypal. This is usually not an issue, because the window is sufficiently long to browse Aflamnah twice over!

Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in certain countries; for instance, Egypt and Lebanon.

PayPal is more than willing to help you find the precise reason behind any difficulties you might be experiencing, and have told us to tell you to get in touch about any hassles!