• Jareedy

    by Mohamed Hisham in Egypt

    The means to face your fears

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  • When I Saw You

    by Annemarie Jacir in Jordan

    We have just completed Annemarie Jacir’s second feature film “When I Saw You”. Set in Jordan in 1967, When I Saw You (Lamma Shoftak) follows the story

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  • A Grain Of Sand

    by Jason Carter + Ray Haddad in United Arab Emirates

    A quest to find the remaining Pearl Divers of the UAE and document their songs and stories before it's too late

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  • إعادة بناء راديو نساء غزة

    by ابراهيم صالح in Palestinian Territory

    إعادة بناء راديو نساء غزة الذي دمر خلال الحرب الأخيرة.

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  • Wayl- The Middle East's First True Superhero!

    by Zaid Adham in United Arab Emirates

    Wayl: The World's First Middle Eastern Superhero, Coming Soon to Comic Books Near You!

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