• The Wonderful Tale of Badr and The Great Najooma

    by Mohd.Almoosa, Mansour,Rabab,Rana and Mohd.Dakroub in United Arab Emirates

    When a wadi village boy’s only refuge, a little video store burns down, he rediscovers the magic of life beyond the screen with a new friend.

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  • The Family

    by Sajjad Delafrooz & Adnan Hanif in United Arab Emirates

    You are today where your decisions have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your decisions will take you

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  • Repression

    by Jackie Chee in United Arab Emirates

    Elaine is an average American expat who, after a road trip with her friends thinks she brings back a Djinn but in reality could be something else alto

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  • Another Day

    by Lin Jadaan, Taghrid Taeb, Reem Mekkawi in United Arab Emirates

    How do you deal with an abusive husband? How do you escape a bad situation?

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    by fenaoui abdelghafour in Canada

    The CHIRALCARD is a device that is designed to help Organic chemistry students understand the basic concept of chirality.

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  • Over my Dead Body

    by Juman, Shahed, Tiama, and Yasmin in United Arab Emirates

    How far would you go to regain what you lost?!

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  • Azooz

    by Dina Elmansy in United Arab Emirates

    10 year old Azooz, gets stuck with a dysfunctional group at the school summer camp

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  • The Broken Chador

    by Mahkameh, Rawda, Camillia & Tatyana in United Arab Emirates

    This story depicts the effects of control on individual's lives for the sake of accommodating the society, regardless of the consequences.

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