• Open Bethlehem

    by Leila Sansour in Palestinian Territory

    No city can compare to Bethlehem when it comes to punching above one’s weight. If we allow Bethlehem to tell its story, its voice will carry the mess

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  • We Can Be Heroes

    by Martin Beck in United Arab Emirates

    This project is challenging the stereotype of Superheroes having the perfect body and face, most of us are not like that yet we can still be heroes.

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    by First Eleven Films in United Kingdom

    This is the story of the most remarkable cricket team in the world. Closed down by prejudice. its two teenage leaders are rebuilding the team

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  • Wanderer

    by Pascale Matar in United Arab Emirates

    Wendy is a young adult, living in a doll-like universe, on a quest to find her purpose in life.

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  • Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio

    by ابراهيم صالح in Palestinian Territory

    Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio that was created in 2013 by Islam Al Burbar, the first online community radio for woman in Gaza. It was completely shattered

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  • The Wonderful Tale of Badr and The Great Najooma

    by Mohd.Almoosa, Mansour,Rabab,Rana and Mohd.Dakroub in United Arab Emirates

    When a wadi village boy’s only refuge, a little video store burns down, he rediscovers the magic of life beyond the screen with a new friend.

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