• When I Saw You

    by Annemarie Jacir in Jordan

    We have just completed Annemarie Jacir’s second feature film “When I Saw You”. Set in Jordan in 1967, When I Saw You (Lamma Shoftak) follows the story

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  • Searching for Saris

    by Jinan Coulter in Palestinian Territory

    A journey, physical and metaphoric, in search of the legacy of Palestinian dispossession in 1948, and its still unfolding chapters.

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  • A WORLD NOT OURS Academy Award campaign

    by Nakba FilmWorks in United Kingdom

    Please help us qualify our critically acclaimed documentary A WORLD NOT OURS for Oscars 2015 consideration.

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  • The Resurrection Lands

    by Stefan K K Messam in United Arab Emirates

    A graphic novel that follows five characters born into Purgatory, desperate to find a way out.

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  • Play Your Part: The Courtyard Playhouse

    by Tiffany and Kemsley Dickinson in United Arab Emirates

    Play your part in the creation of a Grassroots Arts Venue in Dubai:The Courtyard Playhouse.

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  • Saken

    by Sandra Madi in Palestinian Territory

    Saken is a film about friendship and sacrifice, how some people’s destinies are linked and are hard to be broken.

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