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  • The Gentleman Prisoner

    by Yousef Deek in Palestinian Territory

    When you dream freedom you breathe it. You believe it you get it.

    12 Supporters $520 Pledged of $20,000 goal 20 Day(s) to go
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  • Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio

    by ابراهيم صالح in Palestinian Territory

    Rebuild Nisaa Gaza Radio that was created in 2013 by Islam Al Burbar, the first online community radio for woman in Gaza. It was completely shattered during the last war on Gaza.

    130 Supporters $13,800 Pledged of $20,000 goal 10 Day(s) to go
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  • A Grain Of Sand

    by Jason Carter + Ray Haddad in United Arab Emirates

    A quest to find the remaining Pearl Divers of the UAE and document their songs and stories before it's too late

    53 Supporters $4,575 Pledged of $55,000 goal 7 Day(s) to go
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  • Jareedy

    by Mohamed Hisham in Egypt

    The means to face your fears

    6 Supporters $270 Pledged of $15,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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  • Cultural Resistance International Film Festival of Lebanon / 12-17 November

    by Cultural Resistance Film Festival in Lebanon

    Cultural Resistance is not just another Film Festival. It is about bringing change, bridging to unity, it is about making that act of Cultural Resistance with you.

    15 Supporters $1,130 Pledged of $15,000 goal 0 Day(s) to go
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