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  • Calling Bluff

    by Alia Hammuri, Mahek Punjabi, Ehab Ismail, Dareen Iskandar, Rawda Buhannad, Mariam Kest in United Arab Emirates

    The pursuit of Sophie, a high school student whose mom had fallen into a coma after a hit and run, in finding out who did it, after realizing it was one of her closest friends.....

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  • Open Bethlehem

    by Leila Sansour in Palestinian Territory

    No city can compare to Bethlehem when it comes to punching above one’s weight. If we allow Bethlehem to tell its story, its voice will carry the message of the whole of Palestine

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  • Repression

    by Jackie Chee in United Arab Emirates

    Elaine is an average American expat who, after a road trip with her friends thinks she brings back a Djinn but in reality could be something else altogether.

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  • The Broken Chador

    by Mahkameh, Rawda, Camillia & Tatyana in United Arab Emirates

    This story depicts the effects of control on individual's lives for the sake of accommodating the society, regardless of the consequences.

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  • The Family

    by Sajjad Delafrooz & Adnan Hanif in United Arab Emirates

    You are today where your decisions have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your decisions will take you

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