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  • Tripoli Film Festival - Lebanon 2016

    by Elias Khlat in Lebanon

    The Tripoli Film festival is a cinematic event conceived to ameliorate the image of the city by enriching our local cultural environment, by promoting the rich cultural heritage of Tripoli and by bran

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  • Resilience

    by Farah El Sayegh in United Arab Emirates

    This documentary takes you out of the box and shows you a 4th dimension in truly comprehending the meaning of Resilience. Yasmine eradicates all stereotypes and breaks through in this emotional journe

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  • A Grain Of Sand

    by Jason Carter + Ray Haddad in United Arab Emirates

    A quest to find the remaining Pearl Divers of the UAE and document their songs and stories before it's too late

    53 Supporters $4,575 Pledged of $55,000 goal 7 Day(s) to go
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  • For A Childs Smile

    by Lamis Ezzeddine in United Arab Emirates

    Raising awareness for a cause that not many people are aware of, that cause being education through music for the mentally and physically disabled via technology

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  • Confessions from the War

    by Layalina Productions in United States

    Decades after the Lebanese Civil War, former child soldiers seek redemption and reconciliation as sectarian tensions simmer once again.

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