What is Aflamnah?

Aflamnah is a digital platform that helps independent filmmakers, artists, scientists, students, innovators, thinkers and more to raise funds for their projects by getting people excited enough to financially support their idea so that they can make it happen.

How does Aflamnah work?

People who want to raise money for their idea share the idea in the form of a video about their project. They will share the idea, the budget, how much money they need. They then have 40 to 100 days to raise the money by activating their networks through all the avenues available to them: social networks, colleagues, friends, family, local press and radio and any which way they can to get people to find out more and support.

Aflamnah will collect all the money and whether the target is reached or not, Aflamnah will take a percentage of the money and the transfer fees and the rest of the money is sent to the idea owner. If you are successful and subsequently need to raise more funds for the next phase of your idea, you can recreate the process.

Who is Aflamnah for?

Aflamnah is for anyone who has an idea for the Arab world by Arabs or by individuals or organisations who care about cultures, societies and people who reside in any of its countries. It is also for anybody anywhere in the world who would like to support these projects because they fall in love with an idea, they just want to give something back to the community or they are helping someone they know or just because they want to. If you are reading this, Aflamnah is for people like you.

We hear you asking: Do I have to be of Arab origin or living in the Middle East to register an idea on Aflamnah for crowdfunding?

The answer is No! We are looking for people from all walks of life that have an awesome idea related to the Arab world that they believe with the assistance of crowdfunding could turn their BIG dream into reality. Anyone in the world with an interest in the region can fund and follow creative ideas and inspirational ideas with Aflamnah. 


Does Aflamnah charge fees?

We do charge a $100 fee for you to upload your idea. This is a non-refundable fee. We also take 6% of the money raised.

Why do you ask projects to set a target?

We hope that all projects can raise all the money they need to make their ideas a reality. It is important that idea owners demonstrate they know why they need their target sum and what they are going to do with it. This gives supporters the ability to be rationally convinced. If the target is not reached, idea owners still get to keep the money they have raised and if they raise more than their target, they get to keep that too. It gives everyone a point to aim for and helps maintain momentum, create excitement and get people engaged.

What is the point of the rewards?

The rewards are an incentive to encourage people to support you. If you are making a film, you can choose to offer a vimeo password to the finished product, or a signed poster, or a chat with the director or actors. If people do not want a reward that has monetary value, they can opt for an acknowledgement which is the minimum reward you have to offer. The reward structure is entirely up to you but make sure whatever you promise, you can and will deliver.

How will Aflamnah support ideas?

Aflamnah will help you to put your idea in front of the right people. As an online gateway, it will be our responsibility to promote Aflamnah.com so we can attract people to browse and support. We will also ask you to promote your idea to your friends through all the social media platforms. As we grow, attendance at the right events and striking up the right partnerships will also provide support for your ideas. We will also learn as much as we can about our idea owners and supporters and ensure we communicate with them only as frequently as they want to hear from us and about things they are interested in.

Do you select ideas or will all ideas be accepted?

We do not go through a selection process but we will screen projects to ensure that they are eligible based on our criteria before they are live on Aflamnah.com.

How do I create a campaign?

We have made the process very simple. For detailed guidance check out the Aflamnah Academy.

Can I run more than one idea at the same time?

There is nothing to stop you from having multiple ideas running at the same time but we recommend you focus on one at a time as your potential supporters are unlikely to support more than one of your ideas.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can be involved in an idea?

No. But you do need to sort out amongst yourselves who will receive the funds and the name on your account. Generally think of your idea as your hero and the people making it happen as the engine. If four people are working together to make one idea come about, then there should only be one entry on Aflamnah.

What format should the video be in?

The video should be uploaded to your YouTube channel and the part of the link pasted in to the relevant place in the Share Your Idea Section. The part of the link needed is the one that comes after the = sign as shown here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvlJfJlSGxg&feature$. You do not need the entire link (only the elements in bold).

How long should my video be?

The video needs to be personal. People need to relate to you and get a good understanding of your idea and what you will do with the money you raise. The shorter and the more entertaining, touching, captivating the video, the more likely you are to succeed. Remember, those surfing our site are in total control. They can pause or stop your video at any time so keep it to the point. And one piece of advice, do not make it boring or corporate; instead make it fun, funny, interesting, cute, emotional… just not boring! 

We also recommned you watch other people's videos and see which ones you like and what you like about them and which ones make you want to take action.

How can I support an idea?

Firstly you need to create your own personal account with Aflamnah. Then you can choose how you want to pay from the menu of options we provide including Paypal. Unfortunately, not all options are available in all markets. Once we receive the payment, (with certain payment options this may be a manual transaction which will take a couple of days), then your Aflamnah account will allow you to support the ideas you want to support. We will be providing additional payment methods in the very near future.

Do people who support ideas own a percentage of my idea. Will I have to share my profits with them?

People are pledging money either because they want one of the rewards or because they love an idea and want to contribute to its success. Idea owners will retain full ownership of their idea and will never give up any of their intellectual property rights unless they choose to.

What should my target be?

You need to be realistic. First, consider how much you really need to raise to realise your idea in
part or in whole. We do suggest that you divide the project up into clear-cut parts. Second, consider
the strength of your network and how much you think people are likely to give. If your network has
around 500 people in it and you think 20% would give $100 each then you can aim to raise $10,000.
Third, consider the power of your idea, your video and your materials in influencing complete
strangers who are in your friends’networks or who are simply browsing the site. You will keep any money you riase whether it is below or above your target but setting a target keeps things realsitic.

How long can my campaign be??

In the soft launch period we chose to start with a 28 day campaign period but all the ideas on the site after that can select between 40-100 day campaigns. 

What currency do you operate in?

All transactions on the site are in US Dollars and you do need to take into consideration exchange rate fluctuations when you set your target. Aflamnah cannot be responsible for exchange rates.

Who can I contact for further information?

Please email info@aflamnah.com with any questions you have and we will be sure to get back to you just as soon as we can.