The Play

Two kids discover the responsibilities laying behind the joys of a relationship after an unusual game of house.

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Expectations carried with us from our childhood are quite influenial over our adult decisions. Our film is about the strong bond of relationships and in contrast how fragile relationships can be. We chose to project this idea through the innocence of childhood because only then people can relate and understand the roots behind their issues. Expectations, accusations, jealousy and attention will make or break any kind of relationship. These qualities are all basic insticts that a child adopts at a young age usually towards their parents and loved ones. These qualities are carried throughout our lives and are quite influencial of our perceptions of life.

The story is about a boy and a girl who spend their play time playing house. When their game is interrupted by their bed time in real life the two kids wish that they can keep playing forever without interruptions. To their surprise, they wake up the next day with no parents around and assume that their wish has come true! The two kids take advantage of the situation and keep playing their favorite game of pretend only to discover that it's not so easy in real life. The kids are unhappy with the responsibilities and chores and they grow frustrated and start to reconcider that wish they made. The eye opening experience drives both the boy and the girl to take different dicisions about how they want to spend their play time and realise that maybe they are not so ready for adulthood after all.

Our story is simple and basic, but it involves alot of effort, time, and expenses to get a good performance out of children. The idea is a message to kids that are too eager to grow up and a message for grown ups that refuse to tame their inner child. We look to produce a high quality production and we want our little star actors to be comfortable and have a fun experience doing this film.We need your support in order to be able to rent the equipments, location and provide our cast with what they need to give us the best performance.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our idaas, and god bless.


Why is this idea important?

We encourage everyone to support this idea and help us make this film happen because we want to present this concept as beautifuly as we possibly can. We want this story to open the eyes and minds of both kids and grown ups. The idea is presented in a comic drama scenario that is both entertaining and touching. So please help us in making this film happen. 

Of course we promise rewards to all who contribute to making our film happen


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What is the funding for?

We want to raise enough money to book equipment, pay our actors, and design the set. We also will have lots of expenses to take care of our actors given that they are children. We need costumes and props and catering. We need to pay for audio and sound editing as well as graphic design and printing.

About Writer's Ink. AUD

We are a team of three girls,

Shahnaz, The Director

Alina, The Producer/AD

Roshni, The cinematographer/DOP

We are graduating as Digital Production and Story Telling students from the American University In Dubai and for our senior year, we wrote the script "The Play" to produce as our capstone film.

Shahnaz is Egyptian, 21 years old, full time student and part time producer. Shahnaz is production associate at a small production house in Dubai and an A student. She's the creater of "The Play" story concept. She's unpredictible, and highly spiritual. Shahnaz brings comedy and tragedy and blends them together perfectly.

Alina is 27 years old and a newly wed who is expecting her first baby! and so we already have our first mommy on the set! Alina also has her own clothing line and manages many fashion events in Dubai and Pakistan. Alina keeps us on track with her super management kills!

Roshni is 21 years old and from India. She's a Bollywood fanatic! She's the essence within our Drama and brings out the emotion in every situation with her wit!

Together we complete the perfect team. We all have seperate interests but our diverse ideas is what helps us be what we are and we always have a blast whether we are working or playing!

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