The Heartbreak Circus

Two movie stars in personal and professional crises try to hide their secrets in a world of overexposure.

About this IDEA

"The Heartbreak Circus" is a senior film project by students at the American University in Dubai (AUD). Behzad Sandila (Director), Omar Merza (Cinematographer), and Jai Premaney (Producer).

The film tells the story of two famous actors playing a game of love/hate and how details of their lives become media fodder as the world watches on. Formerly in love but having broken up since, their situation is complicated by the fact that they have to finish a film together. In the midst of this media circus, they struggle to keep certain aspects of their lives hidden while also exposing a selected few.

Why is this idea important?

Celebrity culture has become something of an obsession in this day and age, particularly in this era of Internet blogs, the paparazzi, and gossip magazines. Information travels at a rapid rate and consumers hang on to every new development. Whether or not the development is fact or fiction no longer matters to many.

The reality behind this process is that the celebrities we scrutinize so hungrily are people just like us. What happens if they find themselves in the same situations we do? What happens when stumbles in love and career bother them the same way they would any of us? 

The film takes a look at this oft-ignored side of celebrity lives, the little worlds of their own they construct as shells from the jungle of watchful eyes all around them.

We have created some exciting rewards includingmentions in a Special Thanks section in the credits, two very special individually listed Associate Producer credits, Special Edition posters autographed by the cast and crew, and other memorabilia from the film are also up for grabs!

What is the funding for?

The funding is for production budget that includes but is not limited to:

Reservation of locations

Payment of actors

On-set catering


Post-production packaging.

About The Heartbreak Circus (AUD Student Project)

Hello Everyone!

Our names are Behzad Sandila (Director), Jai Premaney (Producer), and Omar Merza (Cinematographer), and we are film students at AUD. We are in our last semester and we're trying to raise funds for our short film called The Heartbreak Circus. We really want to do a good job, but for that we really need your help. 

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