Little A personal story about maternal love in the face of alzheimer's and adoption.

About this IDEA

I always thought I was the result of a great love story that took place many years ago between my mum and dad. But after 30 years, I realized I was only part of it.

A story that reads into the mother-daughter relationship on a day-to-day basis in an Egyptian home. What happens when the mother forgets that she ever had a daughter? What happens when the daughter realizes that this woman isn't her mother? This is the film Little.

Little was developed during DOCMed's 2011 producer training programme, initiated by Beirut DC (Lebanon), EURODoc (France), Doc à Tunis (Tunisia), in association with ARTE (France), and is co-financed by Euromed Audiovisual.

Your cooperation at this point is so important. With your help and effort, I'll be able to finalize the research/writing process and get into the production phase.

What you'll help with?

1. Filming more sequences, events and moments between me and my mother.

2. Pay for equipment costs.

3. Work and nurture talent here in Egypt and the region.

4. Produce a trailer that could generate more funds to complete the film.

5. Helping to bring the project to online audiences, international markets, broadcast and festivals.

Why is this idea important?

"Nobody would love you more than your mother." My friends always told me. You could agree or disagree. I believe the dynamics of this relationship is a leading force in our lives. It can either make or break us.

More about this idea

A young woman films her mother as she transforms because of Alzheimers. She prepares herself for the day when her mum will forget her name. But then she tells her she's adopted. And after that addresses her as her niece but never as her only daughter.

What is the funding for?

Finalizing research/writing phase and getting into production. This is when we need your support the most.

About Nagham Osman

يُغْنِيكَ مَحْمُودُهُ عَنِ النَّسَبِكتسب أدباًبلا لسانٍ له ولا أدبفليس يغني الحسيب نسبتهليسَ الفَتَى مَنْ يقولُ كان أبي إن الفتى من يقول ها أنا ذا

This verse is from Ali Ibn Abi Talib: The boy is the one who says here I am. Not the boy who says my father was.

My name is Nagham Osman. I am here on Aflamnah campaigning for this documentary about yours truly. This is what I want to share with you. No matter where you come from.  All we ever have is ourselves - it's the one thing we shall always have in common. And now, I'd like to show that to you in my own way.

I was born and raised in Dubai. Waking up at 3 am in the morning, hearing my dad tell my mother "I have to go” to deliver a baby horse was the norm. I looked forward to my rides home with my dad as he told me the story of the day. I couldn’t imagine a ride without one. Animals became my first inspiration into my creativity. Years later, my dad got to hear about “Mando,” my first story about my dog. He inspired me to tell more stories.

I studied Theatre and Mass Communication at The American University in Cairo. I worked on my first feature, Cairo Time in 2008 with Canadia Syrian director Ruba Nadda and Inescapable that will enjoy a gala premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2012. In addition to other international productions, I've worked as Associate Producer on independent short films. My documentary Little is my first feature. It was selected to be part of DocMed's first documentary development workshop. I was nominated to participate in the International Visitor's Leadership Program to promote art for social change last summer.

My fllms include (Independent 2011) made under the mentorship of Abbas Kiarostami, (Illuminus 2012), a co-directed project shot in Johannesburg. And (In the Family 2012), a short documentary made during the Atelier Varan Cairo workshop.

In 2010, I founded Qudrat Pictures, a production company that aims to bring personal and intimate stories to the screen. And collaborating with creative talent in the region and abroad.

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