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Nabil is eagerly waiting for the outcome of his audition only to discover that his wife is against him pursuing his dreams.

About this IDEA

Nabil and Souad are an Egyptian couple living in Dubai. Nabil is trying to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and auditions for a role at the local theatre. As he announces the news to his wife, he is greeted by an unexpectedly negative reaction. As they negotiate their way through a situation that places them on opposite sides of the argument, they discover that what really matters to each of them is very different. Does happiness lie in chasing your dreams?

Why is this idea important?

Our film sheds light on a specific side of the multitude of cultures and people who live in the UAE and have different visions, goals, and dreams in life. This story is motivated by our belief that there is plenty of talent out there who have simply not had the courage to try and shine: just like Nabil. Our team worked hard on crafting the scenes and the script and we are looking forward to producing a well crafted short film to tto add t our previous works and and we hope that you will be part of our project.

More about this idea

The characters who play major roles in our story inspired the scriptwriters to represent different people who have different priorities in life and how amazing people react differently whenever they are put in a specific situation.

What is the funding for?

The funding will help us to enssure the amount of expenses we estimated to spend on the film shooting and deliver our vision of the story that we would love you to enjoy it and live its moments.

About Ba'ad El Weekend

 Mkaram Hinawi, Haneen Alqatanani, Mohammed Laatar

We are three senior students of Digital Production and Storytelling at the American University in Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication AUD. We are looking forward to your support to enableus to complete our Senior project.


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