What kind of ideas can use Aflamnah?


  • Set in the Arab world, Aflamnah focuses on content that has its roots here and so it is important that your project is either about the Arab world, or a core member of your team is of Arab origin or your idea takes place in the Arab world - or all three at the same time J. It does not mean you have to be a resident in an Arab country but it does mean your idea has to be aimed at the Arab world.


  • Projects must fall into one of the categories we support but if it does not and you feel Aflamnah has overlooked something, we are happy to review recommendations so do contact us



Do I have to be of Arab origin or living in the Middle East to register a project on Aflamnah for crowd funding?

The answer is No! We are looking for people from all walks of life that have an awesome idea related to the Arab world that they believe with the assistance of crowd-funding could turn their BIG dream into reality. Anyone in the world with an interest in the region can fund and follow creative projects and inspirational ideas with Aflamnah.

 What are the Aflamnah Categories?



  • Aflamnah has broadly defined its categories related to content development, production and dissemination as follows: Films, Music Audio and Video, Games, Apps, Consumer Technology, Events, Art and Design, Photography and Fashion.

Cultural Awareness

  • We ask you to respect our culture and to ensure that you do not submit projects that are clearly in bad taste for whatever reason: whether that is due to cultural sensitivities or otherwise... you know what we are talking about.

Protecting your idea

  • Your idea is an original and unique piece of work that warrants you owning it. Aflamnah strongly recommends that, if you have not already done so, you register your idea with the relevant body in your city - perhaps the Chamber of Commerce or Ministry of Information in order to protect your idea.

 Starting your campaign

  • Once you have uploaded an idea and it has been approved, it is up to you to choose the perfect time to go live. From the minute you hit the Go Live button, the campaign will be on our site for the campaign period selected. You will have to wait for the duration of the campaign set before you can access your funds. Whatever money you raise, even if you do not achieve your target, will be sent to you minus any related fees.Should the target be reached early, you can still keep raising more money - there is no limit to what you can raise and collect at the end of the campaign timeline. The project will remain on our website and you can continue to provide updates for as long as you like. In fact, we encourage you to continue to post updates, pictures and videos and always remember your supporters from Aflamnah once you have reached greatness.


  • There is a $100 charge for you to upload your project so that we can review, assist and manage your project for its lifetime. This is a non-refundable charge that we at Aflamnah are grateful for and we will invest this money behind your project. We promise that for your $100 you will get a lot more value in return.
  • Also on the subject of fees, when your campaign ends, we will apply a 6% charge to the overall value. Any additional charges to transfer the funds from us to your account will also be borne by you. Banking charges are up to 5% but we do guarantee that a minimum of 90% of all the funds you raised will leave our account to your account so do take that into account when you are setting your target.


  • It is your responsibility to make certain that the rewards you have promised your supporters at various payment tiers are fulfilled. Depending on what reward you decide on, please be clear what information you will need from your supporters (e.g. address) so we can assist capturing it for you. Please make sure you offer rewards that you can deliver on. Costs for postage, for example, add up so consider providing an online password to your film, for example, instead of putting a DVD in the post. We need to work together to make certain we are grateful for the support given.
  • Important - If at any time, you choose to change the details of your project completely, not deliver on the rewards or decide not to deliver on the project completely, we recommend you withdraw it from the website immediately so that you can preserve your reputation if you decide to come back again with another project. But remember, once your project goes live you cannot change the timeline or target.
  • When in doubt - Ask. We are always available to answer any questions you might have so drop us a Every idea that makes it onto Aflamnah is reviewed. We want your idea to succeed so we look through carefully to make sure you have thought about everything there is to consider. Then we give you the power to start your campaign when you are totally ready. For advice, do have a good read of the stuff on the Aflamnah Academy.

Supporting an idea

  • If you see an idea that you want to support, then you will need to make sure you are registered and you have funds in your Aflamnah pot.
  • If you are not yet set up and want to find out more, please see the How to start section
  • Once you are ready, pledge the amount you want towards one or more ideas and the idea owners will keep you updated on their progress.
  • At the end of the idea's campaign, you will continue to receive updates and the reward you have selected once the project is completed and your reward ready to send. Please feel free to request a timeline of when you will receive this from your idea owner directly.
  • If the idea does not reach its funding target, then the money raised will be still be sent to the idea owner.
  • Please read all the guidelines and important information that Aflamnah has put together. This includes the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of

We will be providing additional payment methods in the very near future.






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