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The Alternative Finance Revolution

The Alternative Finance Revolution

Alternative finance is nothing but looking into the financial channels which can process the instruments which have emerged from the traditional sources of economic systems. These alternative finance systems are not regulated by the banks and capital markets as they include things rewards-based financing; like crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, revenue-based financing, peer to peer consumer and crowdsourcing.


In recent, we have seen a considerable amount of growth in alternative finance instruments, especially for small and medium enterprises. It is estimated that the online European Alternative Finance Market has reached over $3 billion in a year. But the alternative finance is something regulated, but some countries do not regulate it. There are a lot of factors which goes into the alternative finances and in this article we are going to be learning about the same.

Crowdfunding history


Crowdfunding has a lot of history as it has been performed for centuries. There are many authors who publish and advertise book projects which can allow one to have access to the right subscription scheme. The subscription business model allows one to have the right crowdfunding access, which will allow the right flow of money on the arrival of the products.


Crowdfunding on the internet gained popularity when the arts and music communities started to gain attention. When Marillion, a British Rock band gained US$60,000 in donations, people changed their view on raising money. The band later used this method to help fund their studio albums as well. This is one of the best examples for crowdfunding which was a success. There are different types of crowdfunding-

  • Reward-based crowdfunding: The entrepreneurs presell the product to launch a business concept without incurring debt.
  • Equity crowdfunding: The backers receive a share of a company in exchange for a monetary pledge.
  • Software value token: This another kind of crowdfunding which allows you to raise money via digital assets.


Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is the online offering that can be given by a private company with the securities to help a group of the people for investment into the commercial enterprise. More often than not, equity crowdfunding enables the board group investors to fund the right startup companies. The investors give money and allow one to receive the ownership of the business. As the value goes up, as does the share value of the business.


Equity crowdfunding is often used to describe a crowd fund which is based on instruments like equity and a debt instrument, which also includes the share of the profit. The term equity crowdfunding can be described as the investment in debt and equity-based instruments, which can allow one to get the right crowdfunding platform. Selling investment is also one of the best ways to crowdfunding investment but will have to standardise the terminology of the practice from other forms of crowdfunding.

Revenue-based financing

Revenue-based financing

Revenue-based financing or royalty-based financing is a type of financial capital which can allow you to have the right business investors which can invest in your business for the returns on a fixed rate. Revenue-based financing can be described as a loan which requires collateral and other assets. It can also involve the selling of the equity portion in exchange for an investment. Revenue-based financing does not require you to be a member of the board of directs but has the right valuation in making the right investment.


Revenue-based financing was used in the energy industry in debt financing. This was the design which was financed by the funding model in early-stage business in New England. In the year 1992, the industry saw the performance of on-par with expectations for alternative assets for over 50%. The Revenue Capital Association is the trade association which can represent the right RBF industry. This allowed them to have the right geographic focused model, which allowed one to take a nationwide approach, especially focusing their search on the Mountain States.


Peer to Peer lending

Peer to peer lending is a practice when one can lend money to a business through online means. In peer to peer lending, the companies often offer their services which can allow one to have the right means to operate their lover overhead. The lenders can easily earn higher returns when compared to people who are saving and investing in other assets. It is important to note that peer to peer lending does not fit into the concept of three-dimensional types of financial institutions which is deposit takers, investors, insurers.


Peer to peer lending is conducted in the form of profiting, which can allow one to establish the right relationship between the lenders and borrowers. The intermediation by the peer to peer lending company has allowed easy access to the transaction, which can allow one to have the right access to online sources. With access to the right platform, it offers secured as well as unsecured loans to protect government insurance. Loans can easily be secured and transferred with the collection of debt or profit that can allow one to transfer free facilities and free pricing choices which the cost a very high percentage of the sales.



Crowdsourcing, as the name suggests, is a sourcing model which allows individuals to obtain the right good sand services, which also includes things like ideas, finances, and other rapidly evolving groups of internet users. The word crowdsourcing is nothing but a mixture of crowd and outsourcing. There are major differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing. Crowdsourcing comes from a less specific and more public group where the people can outsource their commission.


Crowdsourcing is one of the best ways to help encourage the crowd to find the right ideas and innovations. This can help provide ways to build the organisational base of minds. It has been used by the not for profit organisation which can allow one to create common goods. The effect of the user can allow one the right platform to be taken into account, which can evaluate the right performance and ideas in the crowdsourcing contexts.


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