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Best Crowd Funding Sites For Startups And Entrepreneurs

Best Crowd Funding Sites for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an investment for a great idea that you have been building with your friends. It can be the next big thing in the market. After you are done with planning your idea, it is time to raise some capital. But if you do not have the right sources of investment, it will take years for you to build your business from scratch. Crowdfunding is a new alternative to seeking investments form an individual or an organization. It offers you to present your idea to the public and raise funds from each of them. There are plenty of crowdfunding websites around the internet that offer to raise funds for your new business. It is an excellent way for individuals who seek investment for their small businesses. Here are the websites which offer crowdfunding platforms for individuals.



Kickstart is currently the best platform for anyone who is seeking investment for a project, a business, filmmaking, music production, and art. It is a helpful community which brings people’s ideas to life. The platform is an all or nothing fundraiser which offers the funds only when you reach a set goal in the allotted time. It is free to use, and the website collects 5% of the total funds. You will also have to pay for the processing fees for up to 5%.

Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply works to provide funds to the latest technology hardware projects. From bringing a family recipe to the market to creating electronic hardware, the platform hosts campaign for all kinds of ideas. Many times Crowd Supply has raised up to 5x times the funds as compared to Kickstarter. The platform provides plenty of plans. The standard plan takes 5% of the gross campaign sales, excluding 6-15% of sales. Other plans include campaign management, PR team, and asset creation.



Indiegogo is a wide platform for both crowdfunding as well as a marketplace for innovative products. It has successfully raised over 1 billion dollars for entrepreneurs. This platform is also not an all or nothing program so you can choose between fixed and flexible campaigns. Fixed plan can be used for bigger projects while flexible plan can benefit the companies who have the process running every day.


Patreon is a great platform for artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians to start earning by running a membership business for their fans. The fans pay for subscription amount in exchange of special content such as behind the scenes. Patreon has raised over $350 million for the artists and creators who work with new ideas to create content for their audience. Patreon takes 5% from the processed payments, excluding the processing fee. Additional charges may also apply to move funds from the creator balance to any other online wallet.


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