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Top 4 Safe And Secure Crowdfunding Sites

Top 4 Safe and Secure Crowdfunding Sites

Getting the idea upfront to familiarize the crowd about it is one thing, but materializing it into the intended form is a whole different thing which is not a cinch. Techies, when thinking of a startup, would have various plans to raise funds. One of them certainly would be crowdfunding, which has now become the go-to for almost all the startup-heads. With the launch of this concept, the scope for venture capitalists to draw substantial interest amounts narrowed further. If your idea is disruptive and impressive, you don’t really need to rely on the money lenders or bootstrap financing which could eventuate into piling up debts. When you put in significant effort to bring about your plan into action and have the confidence to pull it off efficiently by delivering the product, the consumers themselves will find ways to fund your innovative dreams.


Crowdfunding doesn’t function exclusively for the funding of startups and various other business ideas but also as a support in situations such as pledging money to own a stake in a certain company. Many such financially deficit cases can be efficiently dealt with by having the option of crowdfunding to stand as the pillar to your dreams. Here are some of the best and safe crowdfunding sites you can find on the Internet now.


1.      Kickstarter

Kickstarter is most commonly known for the launch of some popular products such as the reboot of Reading Rainbow, Pebble Watch, and the Ouya game console. All these products turned out to be a hit and did create a new commercial wave within the respective markets. With many such products having been launched on this platform, popularity grew immensely in the past few years which has tagged Kickstarter with the title of the best crowdfunding site.

If you are looking to raise funds through Kickstarter, you have to set a goal which will be confined by a time constraint. This fixed amount of time should prove your product’s worth; funds should be raised within that limited time to ensure that your project kicks in before it expires. What you need to keep in mind are the methods in which you present the idea to the potential consumers, which should also include rewards that differ according to the funding levels. Kickstarter works in your favor only when you do your part of meeting the goal, until which the project remains unfunded.


2.      Indiegogo

Similar to the working of Kickstarter, Indiegogo is said to be the second-best crowdfunding platform available now. The factor that makes it unique from Kickstarter is its quality of flexible funding. What most people using Kickstarter find it hard to cope with the all-or-nothing strategy that it follows, to which, Indiegogo is the most popular solution. This feature helps the projects in which every bit of support is valuable and have no much focus on the actual physical products. The solar roadways project, Jibo Family Robot, and the coding lessons for kids were the major projects of Indiegogo, which were a huge success. Partnership with retailers makes Indiegogo a reliable platform for the funders to invest through. The deals with Brookstone and Amazon add more credibility to the site since it can help them to take up the manufacturing and sales of products.


3.      GoFundMe

Advocacy and social change are also areas where a lot of people are now trying to bring about some traction on. GoFundMe appears to be the best option for all those who have plans to fund on any field apart from that of gadgets and technology. This site is now used for various purposes such as raising fund for medical researches, disaster relief, the families affected by natural calamities or personal losses. It is also considered as a central platform for well-wishers to contribute money as a gift for newlywed couples. More than $600,00 was raised for the clinical research of rare cancer called synovial sarcoma, and about $5 million was raised for the support and care of the families that were affected by the nightclub shoot.

Crowd Supply

4.      Crowd Supply

The odd one out on this list, Crowd Supply has little to no similarity with the other sites mentioned here. Crowd Supply stands out as an unconventional crowdfunding site that promotes obscure ideas. Also known as the “hacker’s crowdfunding site,” Crowd Supply derives this name from the one-of-kind set of projects that it supports. They include a budget-based stick PC and a mason ja French press. Crowd Supply is tailor-made for all those who wish to fund the uber-geeky projects which are out of an average funder’s level of comprehension.

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