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Crowdfunding Platforms For NGOs, Charities, And Non-Profit Organisations

Crowdfunding Platforms for NGOs, Charities, and Non-Profit Organisations

When you have an idea of becoming a helping hand of society by raising awareness and fulfilling the requirements of those who lack the basic facilities, things can get financially difficult. Running a non-profit organisation is a difficult task as you will need to find new ways of raising money. Today there are plenty of crowdfunding platforms which offer a solution for the financial problems of non-profits. The non-profits can build their audience on these online platforms and take their help in raising money for the charities, NGOs, and similar organisations. Here are the best crowdfunding websites for non-profit organisations that you can use to build funds for your cause.


Rally is an easy to use online platform which helps the non-profits to build an audience which can make small donations individually to help the organisation. All you will need is an engaging presentation to explain your cause to the people.



HopeMob is a charity dedicated platform where you can connect to a community of over 10,000 members. The platform has helped a lot of non-profits to collect thousands of dollars to help their cause. The Supply is one such organisation which raised over 5,000 dollars to build schools in Nairobi.


RocketHub is majorly funded by the television network A&E which helps small organisations with their projects. The fees and donation for the projects depend on whether an idea is being executed properly or not, to achieve promised results.



Indiegogo is one of the best crowdfunding platforms which supports businesses, artists, and non-profits to raise funds. There are fixed and flexible plans that you can choose from. For non-profit, flexible plans can be a better choice as they can continue the work while they get funded. But flexible plans also take a higher percentage of your funds.


Crowdrise is a categorised platform for different non-profits and charities like animal welfare, education, disaster relief, etc. The platform also hosts several campaigns for the non-profits to attract more audience for the cause.



Causes claim to be the biggest crowd fundraising platform for non-profits which are registered under government. The crowdfunding initiatives can be used for creating petitions for people and raise awareness on several issues.


FirstGiving is one of the oldest crowdfunding platforms for non-profits which has raised funds for many non-profit sectors such as Habitat for Humanity, The Human Society, and Special Olympics. It is a known platform for non-profits to raise funds and host campaigns.


CauseVox provides a community of non-profits which can customise their online page and upload pictures and videos without the need of a web developer. They help the community to connect with each other in order to find potential donors who will be interested in working with a cause.

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