Where All Unite

The story of a young photographer, who regains his lost passion for art when he meets Thea, only to meet his greatest challenge yet.

About this IDEA

This story explores the relationship between rationlity and the ability to create Art. It also explores the influence of relationships on self belief, confidence and creativity.

Why is this idea important?

This is an original idea for our final year project. We have worked hard on the development and script or the idea and want to make a fantastic end product that will make people think, will create conversations and will be a pleasure to watch. 

What is the funding for?

the Funding is for professional actors, and we will be needing different locations like art gallery and actors costume. Food transport etc

About Haya Almani

We are three students from the American University In Dubai, and we are planning to do a short film called "Where All Unite". We are the producer (Haya Almani) the director (Taregh Saber) and the cinematographer (Amir Arsalan)


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