When I Saw You

We have just completed Annemarie Jacir’s second feature film “When I Saw You”. Set in Jordan in 1967, When I Saw You (Lamma Shoftak) follows the story of Tarek, an eccentric and un

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We have just completed Annemarie Jacir’s second feature film “When I Saw You”. Set in Jordan in 1967, When I Saw You (Lamma Shoftak) follows the story of Tarek, an eccentric and unbounded young boy, and his mother Ghaydaa, who have just become refugees from Palestine. Except Tarek is a boy with a free spirit and curious nature; one that doesn’t allow anyone to limit his dreams… This low budget, independent film was made possible because of the support and generosity of several organizations and people including the Sanad, AFAC, Abu Dhabi Film Commission, K. Shoman Foundation, Tribeca Film Institute, Dubai Film Connection, Landmark Hotel, Thessaloniki Post Production Award, ATICO, … We are eternally grateful to them. And in order to finish it, we have one more hill to climb. Now we need your support for the final part of the process…. Now that the film is done, we need to bring it to YOU, our beloved audience. Some say the hardest part of making a film is making sure that people see it once it’s made. And in order to get the film out into the world, there is a long process of submitting and paying festival fees, creating marketing materials, publicity costs, and securing distribution, and plans for theatrical release. We have begun the process of festival submissions, creating marketing materials like posters, postcards, etc., updating our very out of date website, … all this brings us closer to sharing the film with you and getting the word out. And we need your support for that. The success of this campaign depends on your contribution. And even more than that, we count on your love and support. If you cannot financially contribute, it helps us if you share information about the film and the website with your friends and family, or with people you think can help. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort -- it takes a crew, a cast, and supporters like you. And most of all, an audience. We make these films to share them with you. So thank you for the love. Keep it coming. Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/WhenISawYouFilm Website: http://www.whenisawyou.com Twitter: @PhilistineFilms and @AnnemarieJacir

About Annemarie Jacir

Annemarie Jacir is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter living in Jordan. Named one of Filmmaker magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema, two of her films have premiered as Official Selections at the Cannes Film Festival, one as an Academy Award qualifier, and one in Venice. Her first feature film, Salt of this Sea, was Palestine’s Official Oscar Entry for Best Foreign Language Film, had its world premiere in Cannes in 2008, and won the prestigious FIPRESCI Critic’s Prize as well as Best Film in Milan, Best Film in Traverse City and the Special Jury Prizes at both the Osians Asian & Arab Film Festival and Oran Festival of Arab Cinema. The film has won numerous other awards including Best Screenplay (Dubai), the Randa Chahal Prize (Carthage International Film Festival), Cinema in Motion Awards (San Sebastian), Sopadin Grand Prize Best Screenplay nomination and Audience Awards at Houston Palestine Film Festival, Chicago Palestine Film Festival, and Cairo Refugee Festival. The film was released theatrically in cinemas in Europe, Asia, and the USA. ************************************************************************************************************* Jacir lived in Saudi Arabia until the age of sixteen, moving between Bethlehem and Riyadh. She then received her formal education in the United States eventually returning to the Arab world and moved to Palestine. She began working in the theater; first in set design and then writing and directing plays. Her career in cinema began by working as an assistant on various sets, and learning how to edit. She first worked in the film industry in Los Angeles and as an editor and camerawoman before attending Columbia University in New York to obtain a MFA degree in Film. ************************************************************************************************************ Jacir co-founded Philistine Films, an independent production company, focusing on productions related to the Arab world and has been involved in numerous productions. Jacir also shot and produced the documentary Until When, an in-depth portrait of the lives of several families living in the Deheisha refugee camp as well as several other films. She collaborated with Algerian-French filmmaker Nassim Amouache on A Few Crumbs for the Birds, a documentary sketch of the lives of a handful of men and women eking out a living in the Jordanian town of Ruwayshed (Official Selection Venice International Film Festival, Best film Montpellier, Press prize Clermont Ferrand). ************************************************************************************************************** She has taught at Columbia University, Bethlehem University, and Birzeit University and in refugee camps in Palestine, Lebanon and in Jordan. She is co-founder and chief curator of the groundbreaking Dreams of a Nation cinema project dedicated to the promotion of Palestinian cinema. Jacir is a board member of Alwan for the Arts, a cultural organization devoted to North African and Middle Eastern art. She has served as a jury member to the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, the Alexandria Film Festival, the Damascus International Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival as well as Cinecolor Award, Argentina. She is a founding member of the Palestinian Filmmakers’ Collective, based in Palestine. **************************************************************************************************** Annemarie teaches screenwriting and works as an editor as well as film curator, actively promoting independent cinema. In 2011, renown Chinese director Zhang Yimou selected her to be his first protégée as part of the Rolex Arts Initiative. "When I Saw You" is her second feature film. She lives in Amman.

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