What is Crowdfunding?

Oxford Dictionary:

Crowdfunding: the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet: musicians, filmmakers, and artists have successfully raised funds and fostered awareness through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is about getting the general public, people like you and I, to connect with great ideas. People who are inspired by an idea or a story can choose to make small or large financial contributions in return for rewards. This financial support all adds up so more and more great ideas can get funded and made.  It is all about using the power of the crowd. The crowd will choose the ideas they want to support. So take part, try it once and see how it makes you feel!

Aflamnah is a crowdfunding platform that lets idea owners take any money they are able to raise whether they reach their target or not. Ideas still have to set a target.

If you have an idea then crowdfunding is a new way of raising money in the Arab world to make good ideas happen.

Through Aflamnah you can share your idea as you would with any potential financial supporters. And just like you have to convince anyone who is going to put money into your idea, you have to do the same with your “crowd”.


1.     Have a great pitch! Aflamnah gives you the opportunity to create your own video which goes a long way towards inspiring people.

2.     Get creative with the rewards you offer to make each one more enticing and irresistible than the other. Everyone needs to feel they are getting something in return for their support.

3.     Set a realistic target and make sure you can deliver. Think about if you don’t raise the target you set, how you will deliver the rewards.

4.     Work it! Today one of the most powerful tools to get your word out is social media. Get the word out, ask people to support you and give them lots of reasons to take action.

5.     Build your audience. You need people who love your idea to help you spread the word to their networks and who care enough about you or your idea to encourage you along the way.

6.     Keep people engaged and informed even after your campaign ends. These are your primary audience and they will appreciate being made to feel special.

It really is that simple but it takes careful planning, you need to dedicate time to work your network and you really can use the power of the “crowd” to “fund” your idea.


If you like to be involved with the next big thing, crowdfunding offers you an opportunity to support ideas that inspire you about subjects that touch you.


1.     Browse the ideas that are crowdfunding. Watch a few videos, read the information, find a reward you’d like to have and be inspired.

2.     Choose which ideas you want to support and how much you want to support with

3.    Choose your prefered method of payment and pledge. If you want to support more than one idea then add money to your pot first. Note that making a payment to your pot does NOT automatically fund a project. So,

            Step 1: Fill your pot

            Step 2: Click to pledge funds to the projects you wish to support.

4.     Let people on your own social networks know you have supported an idea on Aflamnah if you think they too would be interested in taking part

5.     Follow the crowdfunding campaign and see what happens with the ideas you support

6.     Enjoy your reward!

It really is that simple.