The Road not Taken

Our film is based on the true story of a young Egyptian man who is torn between two decisions in his life: serve the army back home and satisfy his mother or satisfy his desire tow

About this IDEA

We are raising money to have a presentable movie that allows us to have the means for good quality image and sound. Our film is based on the true story of a young Egyptian man faced with two tough decisions that will change the course of his life. It is a story close to our hearts that we lived through helplessly and we are eager to make it into something our original protaganist will be proud of. The story is easy to relate to as we all make difficult choices and we would all ike to know what wuld have happened if we had done things differently.

Why is this idea important?

We believe that this story is very common and that everyone no matter what age, culture or where they come from can relate to it. We are pioneers in what we do and we will need all the funding we can get in order to show our true story. This is our final student movie and making it happen at the right technical level, will certainly boost our career opportunities.

What is the funding for?

for production phase. which includes: equipments, props, location, cast, food and transporation and alot more realted to production. 

About "The Road not Taken" AUD- Project

We are 3 Egyptian girls, Shaimaa, Basant and Rana and our fourth member is Omar from Lebanon. We are four media students at the American University In Dubai. We are seniors that are working on our capstone project. Filming has been a passion for all of us. Together, we are working on producing a script that we wrote and developed during our final year and now it's time to transform it into a final audiovisual piece. Despite our different interests and personalities we have one common goal: make this movie happen!

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"The Road not Taken"  AUD- Project

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