The Brain that Sings

The Brain that Sings follows the three month journey of musical therapy for two young autistic boys

About this IDEA

A feature documentary told from the perspective of six year old Khalifa and eighteen year old Mohammed.  The Brain that Sings follows the journey of these two young boys with autism in the United Arab Emirates, and the introduction and effect of music therapy on their lives.  Our aim is to combat the stigma associated with special needs within Emirati Culture in the U.A.E.  This is a cultural phenomenon that needs to be addressed in many Arab societies.  It is imperative that we create positive narratives about children with special needs.

Why is this idea important?

There are many reasons:

 To improve and give hope to the lives of six year old Khalifa, eighteen year old Mohammed and their families.    

To platform Autistic families in the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world.    

To help create positive stories about families with speical needs and to help promote a more inclusive culture.  

To help combat the stigma and taboo nature of families with special needs.

To help promote discussion of the economical and social problems families with autism face in the U.A.E

Our Documentary goes hand in hand with an Autism Awareness Campaign, please support us because:

Our campaign is targeted towards giving talks, lectures and the film screenings to Arab families in order to target the stigma We are taking our campaign and screenings to local companies, educational institutions, hospitals and centers with special needs We will educate other families with an alternative option for helping autistic children.




More about this idea

Mohammed is an 18 year old who is growing bigger and stronger everyday. He frequently has outbursts of violence against his family, especially his sisters. His family are looking for alternative therapies to help calm him and to make their lives more comfortable. With little support,  he has been refused continuation at his previous school, due to his violence and lack of patience. This year, he has been sitting at home and regressing.

Khalifa lost his father unexpectedly, just before the filming of this clip.  His mother is also looking for support and hopes music therapy can calm him so that he may focus more on his learning and behavioural problems. Most of all, both these families need help in spreading the word about autism in the UAE so that they may be helped and help other families in return. They have been brave in sharing their stories and opening their lives to the filmmakers; please contribute and support their cause.

What is the funding for?

The money raised on Aflamnah is for the production of the film including the film crew, equipment, transport and logistical costs.  The money we raise will also pay for the three months of intensive music therapy courses by our qualified instructor.


About The Brain that Sings Documentary Film

The Brain that Sings is a feature documentary film co-directed by Amal Al Agroobi, director of Half Emirati, and Hana Makki, director of The Journey.  The film follows the experience of two Autistic boys in the UAE, 18 year old Mohammed and 6 year old Khalifa and their progression through music therapy over three months.  This film serves as a tool to raise awareness for autism in the UAE and to combat the stigma associated with families who have children with special needs in the Arab world.

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