Sett Hbous

Sett Hbous is a story about a controlling mother who cannot accept the idea that her son has outgrown her possessive control over him.

About this IDEA


Sett Hbous is a short film based on a true story that happened with me (Director), so I decided to pitch this idea to my professors and they were pretty interested in it. Then, Sana (Producer/ AD) and Maha (D.O.P/ Editor) believed that the story should be developed by adding our touches to it because people can relate easily to this story especially here in the Middle East. The three of us all contributed ideas and thoughts from our backgrounds and made it a multicultural story.

Ehtikam (Sett Hbous) is a 45 year old mother who comes from Lebanon to Dubai unannounced to her son Michael to settle everything for him before he comes back from his vacation. During her visit in the university she faces Tammam who is Michael's Syrian roommate and tries to influence and control him too, to achieve her goal. Will Ehtikam ever be able to accepet that her son has a life of his own?

Why is this idea important?

The puporse of developing our story is becuase we, as a crew, wanted to raise awareness and shed light on this common issue especially here in the Middle East where you can find over protective parents that can't overcome the idea of their children being independent. It is also a universal story that people all around the Middle East can relate to.

More about this idea

Sett Hbous story is a multicultural short film that includes various nationalities from the Middle East. Everyone of us added his own background touch in this script, so for example , Sett Hbous who is the main character of the film, has her own style of talking, reacting and dealing with people around her which represent the background of Sana Nader (Producer) and where she comes from.

What is the funding for?

Since we are done with the first phase (Preproduction), now we want your help to bring the words of our script into real visuals that everyone that watch and enjoy (Production phase).We need this money to spend on equipments, posters and advertisements, and props. 

As we all know making films cost a lot of money. From the first beginning of the planning process to the last phase of post production, money is wanted either for catering, wardrobe and make, set dressing, and many more. Therefore, we as a crew members seek your help in raising the wanted amount of money to produce our senior project. 


About Sana Nader

They call me a "Crazy Director" who knows no limits to his creativity. I'm Mohammed Kassem a senior student at American University In Dubai, majoring in Digital Production and Storytelling, and I'm obsessed with taking a lot of photographs of nature and travelling. I was put in several positions on production sets such as producing, directing and shooting, so I'm familiar with what I'm responsible for. "Creativity Comes From a Trust", and I believe that my team members (Producer: Sana Nader, D.O.P: Maha El Salhy) and I will please you with our hidden talents. 

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