Burj Al-Noon

A Romantic Comedy about Rashid, who manipulates the daily horoscopes to grab the attention of his dream girl, but ends up attracting the wrong girl!

About this IDEA

Burj Al-Noon "The Zodiac N" is a Romantic Comedy that revolves around Rashid, an Emirati guy who works as an Editor in a Newspaper. He yearns to get married and settle down and he sees this in his Syrian colleague, Nada. When he learns about Nada’s obsession with horoscopes, he decides to take advantage of his job as an Editor and fabricate her horoscope. However, things get complicated when Norhan (the horoscope writer) finds out about Rashid’s scheme, and thinks he is changing the horoscopes to get her attention!

Why is this idea important?

We think this idea should be supported because it can appeal to many people, it doesn't matter whether they love, hate or are indifferent to Horoscopes and Astrology. Our movie is a multicultural, lighthearted look at life and we are confident that Burj Al-Noon will make you laugh at the complicated situations and misunderstandings Rashid gets himself into.

What is the funding for?

The funding is for us to be able to cover the finaces of the film, so we can turn our vision into a reality.

About Amna, Amira, Kinana and Obaida The writers

Amna, Amira, Kinana and Obaida.


We are the writers and crew members of Burj Al-Noon "The Zodiac N" it's the script we have been working on for almost a year for our senior project. We are students from the American University inDubai (AUD), all majoring in Digital Production and Storytelling at the Mohammad Bin Rashid School for Communication. Currently fighting our way through our senior and final year, while trying to make "Burj Al-Noon" appear on the big screen.


To keep up with the updates about our movie check out our Facebook and Twitter page on the link below. 

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Amna, Amira, Kinana and Obaida The writers

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Amna, Amira, Kinana and Obaida The writers
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