Bonanza's Toilet

Fatma is a house keeper at the dodgy Bonanza motel, where she faces the blame for things that mysteriously keep disappearing.

About this IDEA

Bonanza's Toilet tackles the idea that we tend to judge based on first impressions. Sometimes, they happen to be incorrect, but at other times, incredibly accurate. We were inspired by man's shameful tendency to blame certain individuals, particularly house keepers, when things are missing around the house. Furthermore, this film explores different degrees of what people might do when faced with something they want to possess, from mere desire to stealing with no second thought.

In this story, Fatma finds a job as a house keeper at Bonanza, a dull motel, where the owner, a middle-aged stern woman, sets odd house rules. The motel witnesses a series of strange happenings: a young man ready to largely tip the owner in order to get a room for the night despite the unavailability of the rooms, the presence of valuable things in unexpected places, as well as their sudden disappearence, leading to fingers being pointed at Fatma. 


Why is this idea important?

Support our idea because it deals with uncommon circumstances, and yet familiar attributes. 

More about this idea

This is a psychological thriller that tests your ability to judge situations, people and yourself.

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The funding will help us cover the expenses of the renting of the location, props, as well as the meals for crew and cast during shooting days. We need $600 dollars to buy/rent props, rent the shooting location, catering on the shooting day, rent/buy wardrobe, hire cast and crew, fund transportation for cast and crew.

About Bonanza's Toilet

We, Alia, Maria and Hana are senior undergraduates at the American University In Dubai studying Digital Production and Story Telling. 

When Fatma gets a job as a house keeper at a run-down hotel, strange thefts occur leading to her strict employer pointing the finger of blame at her. 

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