Atusa is a 9 year old Iranian-Emirati girl, who goes on an adventure to prove her family's superstition wrong.

About this IDEA

Atusa is a 9 year old Emirati girl of Iranian origin who comes from a conservative family. There is an ancient tradition in her father's family to cut the head and tail of the fish when cooking/ They beleive that otherwise the meal becomes cursed. Atusa's mother is not aware of this and there is unease in the houseold as a result. Atusa goes on an adventure to find the roots of this tradition and wants to prove her father wrong. 

Why is this idea important?

The reason behind this idea is that, we all have superstions thatt we follow blindly without questioning them. The premise is that we should, logically, at least try to understand the origins of a superstition and assess its rationality. Our story is also about problems of religious/conservative families in modern day life. particularly ofr those coming from the Middle East. We think this story has a universal enough theme and is something we can all relate to regardless of where we come from.



What is the funding for?

The funding is to help us to produce the movie, get actors, rent locations and rent sets.

About Atusa

We are a group of three, the director Aziz Mammadzada Al Azari from Azerbaijan, the producer Ayah Ewaiwi from Jordan and the cinematographer Suliman Okar from Syria. We study at the American University In Dubai and we are in our senior year doing our first movie, "Atusa". We are young, passionate filmmakers. We love what we do and we want to bring you, our audience, amazing stories that will entertain you. 

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