Aflamnah Academy

This part of our website is designed to help you make the most of and the most important piece of advice we can give you is think and plan – in other words it is not about working hard but working smart.

Know your idea

You have to know your idea well enough to understand what it is about it that gets people excited. Talk to friends, colleagues, family, and see what they latch on to: what you think is special and how people interpret that are not always one and the same thing. Make sure they connect with and know your idea.

Step by step

Demonstrate that you know how you are going to achieve your objective step by step and be transparent about what role Aflamnah supporters will play. If you are at the very beginning, it may be the first step in a long process and if you are at the very end, it might be the final push you need to finish. Break your idea down into practical steps in the knowledge you can run other campaigns to raise more funds for a different phase of your dream. Take your potential supporters through the process step by step.

Talk in plain language

Be clear and be brief. Do not use jargon – this will not impress, it will digress! Whether it is the description or the video, prepare your pitch and try it out on a few people. Ensure the language you use is reflective of the way you speak and suitable for the idea itself. You need to make sure people understand your idea but they don’t need to know the minute details. Essentially they need to love you and the idea and can talk about it in plain language.

Stop them in their tracks

People will search through the ideas available on Aflamnah and will only stop at something that grabs them so you have to attract their attention within a few seconds of them reading, looking or watching. Think how you can turn them from passive surfers to engaged supporters. This might be the music, humour or pulling on their heartstrings but whatever it is, you need to stop them in their tracks.

Don’t just tell us about your idea

Think and plan what you want to say and how you want to say it. Make it snappy. Make it clear. Make us want to read it and make us get to know you and your idea in as few words as possible.  Educate us. Interest us. Take us on a journey. Take us to your world. You can do so much. Don’t waste the opportunity. Don’t just tell us about your idea J

Your video needs to inspire hearts, minds and wallets

Plan and think. Or think and plan. Whatever it is, you need to condense all that you know into a short video. Your video can be anything you want it to be but please make sure it covers the basics: who you are, what you do, where your idea comes from, why it’s important to you, who will like it, how much will it cost, how long will it take to bring to life, which bit of your idea are you raising money for if not all of it, who else is involved, remember to thank everybody. So you have to inspire your would-be supporters in three ways:

1.     Touch people’s hearts in the most appropriate way for your idea – talk to their heart

2.     Make them believe in your idea and believe it is viable– talk to their mind

3.     Inspire them enough to get their wallet out and go through the process of financially supporting you

Help us live up to our slogan - Inspiring you: heart, mind and wallet

 Know why you want support

What do you want from your supporters on Aflamnah? You want them to provide their financial support but what for? What will you do with the money? Tell them as they need to believe you can deliver on your promise and that your goal is realistic and you can only do that if you know why you want support.

Set a goal you can achieve

Think very carefully about how much you need to raise. Think carefully about your own network and how much you think your personal database could give. If you think the average will be $20 per person and you have 500 friends you can reach out to electronically, do the maths. How many of those 500 friends are likely to pitch in? 100? That secures you $2000. Is there anyone there that you think might pledge a bigger sum? How can you encourage them? Of course your project will be visible to all Aflamnah visitors but assume your starting point is your own network as they are the people who know you. Once you reach 30% of your target, then you know there is enough confidence in your idea that complete strangers will be more willing to participate. Based on your own network, set a goal you can achieve.


People may be happy with a simple thank you but some may support you because of the reward. People are different and are driven by different motivations. You need to think about reasons that will encourage them to help you. Set your rewards accordingly but be careful:

1.     Make sure you can deliver the rewards

2.     Consider what you have to offer that you can give easily, hassle free and at minimum cost (e.g. a walk on part in a film, a signed DVD, preview with password protected access, a private chat/dinner with your team).

3.     Avoid shipping and delivering goods

4.     Avoid buying anything

5.    For rewards that money can’t buy or anything that is going to cost you money out of your pocket, decide how many of these rewards you want to give so that there is a limited number of them. A rare reward is worth more money. For example, if you can offer an executive producer credit reward, that is definitely a high value, money can’t buy type of reward and should be costed accordingly.

6.     Make your rewards relevant to your idea

Your idea is live – now what?

Now the hard work begins so plan in advance how you are going to promote your Aflamnah campaign to the world. Think of all the opportunities you have: social networks, friends, colleagues, educational and cultural institutions, local newspapers and magazines, radio interviews, email blasts, kick-off events. Keep people informed of how your campaign is going but don’t bug them with daily posts as this will turn them off and you need to turn them on. If you think “My idea is live – now what?” Don’t push the Go Live button!

At the end of your campaign

Thanks go a very long way. Get personal and keep people updated. Send them a short note, a picture or a link to show how your idea is progressing. They are your first and most loyal customers and will help you spread the word with every new piece of information you give them. So don’t forget your supporters when you succeed.

Stick to your promise

When people supported you and chose a reward, they believed you would give them what they paid for. Don’t let them down and make sure you have planned for delivering your rewards. So stick to your promise.