A Broken Mirror

Sahar is a mother who seeks perfection for her daughter who is suddenly taken ill the day before her wedding. Sahar's search for answers leads to downward spiral of blame laid squa

About this IDEA

The movie revolves around “Sahar” a mother and a widow in her late forties for who appearances are very important particulalry in front of other people.  Sahar has to face her daughter’s sudden and inexplicabSahar undertakes different rituals to cure her daughter, suspecting the mother-in-law all the while, she slowly comes to the realisation that the evil giver in none other than herself.

Why is this idea important?

Making good movies is an expensive business but movies are a window on our world and it is important that there are people like us who dream of making great movies. We cannot do it alone and we need your financial support on this project so we can create a capstone porject that will help us continue to make good movies.

More about this idea


We have chosen Sahar to be the main character in our novel. She is a widow mom, who is used to spent her most of her time with her friends, having coffee and gossip talks, she wasn’t that perfect mom. What she cared about is the way she looks for perfection in her society and to her friends.  This is a character that we meet a lot in our Arabian society.

In our short movie we wanted to take a different path in showing the character of this mom. In all the movies and series we’re used to see moms as women with a tender heart and extreme kindness that no one can deny.  But we wanted to be different in presenting the mom in her unusual nature, and that what will give our short movie a different diversion.  There had been a lot of movies that are related to black magic, but rarely related to evil eye and envy, and that is why we wanted our short movie to be mainly on the Evil Eye topic.

Bringing up this topic to the spot light is very important, because now-a-days people are classified into two groups, one who believes and take precaution from the evil eye and the other group that consider this topic as nonsense.  We in particular  fears this idea cause we believe that evil eye power can flip over someone’s life from the true stories that we heard and experienced in our lives.

What is the funding for?

Our expectations are high and cant wait to get it done but our financial resources are limited and that’s why we seek your support and help . At this stage, the execution has begun and as such the expenses are  not affordable on a personal level. We seek financial aid to enable us providing equipement,  catering during shooting along with providing wardrobe and makeup etc... Therefore, we as a team seek your help in raising the wanted amount of money to produce our senior project.

About Rawan Joudi

We are 3 passionate girls collegues at American University In Dubai executed many projects together and this will be the last which is our senior project. We put alot of effort trying to put together the script of the movie which we hope that it come to live as we desire.

The reason behind this is that we believe in team work which is the secret of our previous success and which is our golden rule for this project in particular. 

The team:Director (Iman Ellouh)- D.O.P( Rina Al Mughani)-Producer(Rawan Joudi) with our combined talent and the support of our families and friends we will be able to present a memorable achievement. 

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